František fra Tsjekkia

FØDT: Juni 2001


KOMMER FRA: Tsjekkia

SPRÅKKUNNSKAPER:Tsjekkisk, fransk, engelsk og litt norsk

INTERESSER: Har vært speider i tre år. Glad i dyr. Begynte med ultimate frisbee for et år siden, liker det veldig godt. Liker også programmering og er veldig glad i å lese.

František er rolig og reflektert, med stor interesse for nye mennesker.

František kommer fra en liten by utenfor Praha, hvor han bor med mor, far og en søster. Han beskriver seg selv som introvert, men glad i å sosialisere og bli kjent med nye mennesker. I familien liker han å hjelpe med matlaging. Han sier de er en familie som ikke trenger å gjøre alt sammen, men som liker å snakke om dagen over middagsbordet.
Han har vært speider i tre år, og er veldig glad i aktivitetene de gjør der. Særlig er han glad i å gå turer og tilbringe tur ute, og å hjelpe til med de yngre speiderne. Han har nylig begynt med ultimate frisbee i hjemlandet og i Norge har han begynt med fotball.
Han har allerede vært her i 5 måneder og har lært seg mye norsk allerede!

František er i Norge nå og han trenger et ny vertsfamilie nå.

What do you think makes a good host family?

I think it's openness and the ability to communicate about everything. I feel like most problems come from the lack of exchange of views on situations, and most issues are if not easy, then possible to solve, if we sit down and openly talk about them.

What fascinates you most about Norway?

I think it's mostly the cold climate, nature and the sheer size of the country. I think everyone has dreamed about fjords at some point, and has admired the people living in the harsh winters. Also, I really like the language.

How would you describe yourself as a person? What is it like to live with you?
I would start with saying that I am a bit introverted. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy other people, I actually really do, and a huge part of my life is just talking to them, getting to know them. It just means that sometimes, I need a bit of rest, away from everyone, with a book, to replenish energy :) I think I'm quite a positive person, even though I can be little overly pragmatic. Also, I feel like I'm an active person. I really dislike sitting at home, I usually try to find places I can go to, activities I can try (for example debating, scouting...). For the practical part of living with me: when I come home, I really like to talk to someone, to discuss the day's events, even though sometimes, I can be tired, or I need to replenish energy, and I just disappear for an hour, reading. Otherwise, I really like to cook (even though I am not the best at it).

What made you decide to go on an exchange?

I really wanted to try new things, and to get to know another country from the inside. It is kind of similar to visiting a different family, they just do things differently. And from the foods they cook, the ways they do housework, how they celebrate holidays, from all of those things, you can learn. And it's the same with countries and cultures. Also, I wanted to learn a new language (norwegian is really nice), and become even more independent.

What do you look forward to the most? (about both host family and Norway)

First of all, I really look forward to hiking in the norwegian nature. As I already said, the fjords and the woods must be beautiful. Secondly, I look forward to spending 'normal' time with my host family, cooking, doing housework etc., because I think that during these activities, it's easier to get to know people. And last but not least, I am excited about the moment when my head makes a click and I will finally be able to understand and speak norwegian, and I will normally chat with the host family in their language.

What do you want to do/learn during your exchange year?

First of all, I want to learn good norwegian, since I think it's the only way to really get to know the country and the people. I also want to spend a lot of time with my host family, celebrate holidays with them, and learn from the things they do differently.
Then, I know it's strange, but I really want to study hard at school, because I want to get to know the education system, and I also love math, and I want to be good at it.

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